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Our Story So Far

The Spark It started with a question. Why is the awe-inspiring name of Dansette no longer in the public domain?

The Dilemma The name had been lost but not forgotten apart from a few fan sites. There is no official Dansette repair or refurbishment solution.

The Problem Many people still own their Dansette from the 1950s, 1960s or 1970s. They may be packed away in the loft by now but vinyl has made a comeback and more and more owners are having their beloved product repaired or restored or seeking an alternative. Younger people who are only just discovering vinyl also want a piece of history.

The Challenge The alternatives i.e. the all in one retro looking systems are of such a poor sound quality most new comers find it hard to believe that vinyl ever took off in the first place. To offer a repair and refurbishment affordable service.

The Result We can simply repair with prices starting form £60 to a complete strip down and refurbishment. Different options are available depending on the condition and how far as an owner you want to go. We can clean and repair, or if the condition has deteriorated too much, then we can re cover the unit. We have a range of fabrics in stock or can obtain almost any colour you wish. Sadly the original patterns are no longer with us but we can get close. We even have a unit that has had the ultimate make over in carbon fibre. (OK its not real carbon fibre but it looks pretty cool.)

The End Not really the end. Dansette is reborn. A new beginning.

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