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If you are a regular follower of Dansette then you may have noticed that it is very rare now to see a refurbished player for sale on here.
This is because we are getting so many requests for them that they are almost all done to order.

We have plenty of original players in stock in various degrees of quality.
So you can choose the level of refurbishment you want. For example you may want one in original used condition with original covering which may have imperfections or you want it fully recovering to look like it just came out of the shop 50 years ago.
We have most of the original patterns for covering the cabinets so again you can choose original or have it in a colour to match the decor of your room.
We will shortly be showing different models, coverings and options etc. but meantime have a look through what we have previously sold to get an idea. Might just take you back 50 years to relive the memory and help you choose.
So if you a looking for a particular model or colour please get in touch and we can refurbish one just for you. Ring for details

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