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Dansette Brass

Dansette Brass Fascia Strips Hi-FI


3 solid brass strips, polished and lacquered.

  • Product Info

    3 solid brass strips, polished and lacquered.

    The strips 213mm long and 12mm wide same as the originals and 1mm thick. Set of 3.
    The bar is flat, there is no wire to pull through as we wouldn't be able to envisage where the holes would be in other players and if you were to drill the cabinet you could end up damaging the cloth by getting strands of the cloth wrapped around the drill bit. 
    So we have added heavy duty double sided tape. 
    We have used these on a couple of repairs that we have done and they look the part.

    Check the length is correct and that the bar is flat before fitting as they may prove difficult to remove once fitted.

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